One HP Submersible Sump Pump

One HP Primary Sump Pump Model

One HP Submersible Sump Pumps Built To Handle Very Heavy Rain Storm

The one horse power pump can handle extremely heavy rainstorms that last for lon periods of time. It is not build to handle small rain storms because the sump basin will empty too quickly which causes the pump motor to cycle ON and OFF too frequently. This causes early motor burnout. The ideal installation would be to install two primary pumps in a basin. One sump pump would be 1/3 horse power with its ON float position would be set lower than the switch ON height for the one horse power pump. That way the one horse power pump would only run when the one third horse power pump cannot keep up with the water flow into the basin.

What Is The Pumping Performance Of A One HP Sump Pump?

The pumping performance of a one horse power sump pump ranges from 4,800 to 6,540 gallons per hour at a zero height and 4,300 to 5,100 gallons per hour at a 10 foot height. This is a lot of water. A one horse power sump pump is a very powerful pump.

What Is The Best Sump Pump Housing Material For One Horse Power Pumps?

The best sump pump housing material for a one horse power sump pump is cast iron.

However, pump manufacturers choose to use two different kinds of metal. Cast iron is used for the base to add weight which keeps the pump in place. Stainless steel is used for the pump housing. Stainless steel does not dissipate heat as well as cast iron, but it is a close second. Stainless steel certainly makes the pump less heavy to lift when installing.

Who Manufacturers One HP Sump Pumps?

Many sump pump manufacturers choose not to make a one horse power pump because of less demand. Most home owners will never need such a powerful sump pump. But if you are a home owner that needs such a powerful sump pump you will be grateful for the pump manufacturers who make them.

The most popular manufacturers who make one HP sump pumps include: Wayne, Basement Watchdog (Glentronics), and Little Giant

Why Install A One HP Pump?

The most popular reasons for installing a one horse power sump pump is the pumping performance

✓ If you do get heavy rains often, this pump will keep your basin from over flowing because it pumps an incredible amount of water an hour.
✓ The downside of installing a one horse power pump is that the motor may be too powerful and empty the basin so quickly that the motor will twrn ON and OFF too frequently and cause motor burn out.
✓ If you don’t get heavy rains frequently, but have daily ground water entering through title drainage into the basin, it is best to install a smaller pump in the same pit so the smaller horse power pump can handle small volumes of water and preserve the one horse power motor.
✓ The cost is right, especially with especially with a cast iron base and stainless steel pump housing.
✓ For its power, the width dimensions are compact, though it is taller than smaller horse power pumps.

What Type Of Float Switch Is Used?

The only type of float switch used for the one horse power sump pump is the vertical float switch. However each of the three pump manufacturers use a different approach.

✓ Wayne secures its vertical float with a top and bottom arm. And the float is mad of solid polypropylene which can’t be punctured. The switch is a reed switch.
✓ Little Giant secures the vertical float on a rod that is attached only at the top. This type has a higher failure rate.
✓ Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) has no attached float switch. Their float is found in a detachable cage that contains two float switches. This design provides switch redundancy in case one fails. The switches are reed switches.

The most reliable vertical float switches have a solid polypropylene float that can’t be punctured, two poles to hold the top and bottom in place, and the switch is either magnetic, reed or electro mechanical.

What Kind Of Solids Handling Is Available?

There are two approaches to handling basin solids: do nothing or handle some.

Wayne and Basement Watchdog pumps do not handle solids. Wayne uses top suction and Watchdog uses a bottom screen which needs periodic cleaning. The Little Giant si capable of handling 3/4 inch solids.

Best Rated Best Sellers One HP Pumps

Buying a best rated best seller primary sump pump is smart. The higher the rating, the greater the chances of owning a good sump pump.

Here are the one HP sump pumps.


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