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We are in the process of adding more products and our easy to shop tools. We will feature Easy Online Shopping For Sump Pumps And Other Pump Types with many product display options so you can review and compare sump pump products and find the best pump for your water pumping needs.

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Top Rated Sump Pumps

Do you wish you could own a top rated sump pump but do not know how to find which ones are best? We will show you how to compare sump pumps so you can be the proud owner of one of them.

The Brand

First, let’s consider all major brands and models of (1/2 HP) half horse power sump pumps. Our collection includes the Zoeller M75, M76, M90 Series, M137; Liberty Pumps 280 Series, 450 Series; Wayne Pumps 50 Series (CDT, SPF, WST); Little Giant 10EC Series; Superior Pump Model 925 Series; Flotec 50-Series and 73-Series; Simer 2166, 4185-Series, Red Lion RL-SP50-Series, RL-50SC-Series; Glentronics ST1050-Series, S3050-Series, s5050-Series; Myers 50-Series (MDC, MCI, SX, DS), BurCam 3007-Series; Ridgid 500-Series; Everbilt 050-Series, S50-Series; ECO-FLO ECD50 Series.

The Float Switch

Second, let’s look at the float switch. Tether and vertical are used. We prefer the vertical float switch.
Tether PROS: The ON OFF point can be customized to some degree. Tether CONS: The tether takes the more horizontal room in the basin and it can get caught more easily.
Vertical PROS: Takes less horizontal basin space; usually has a protective guard so float will not get caught; Vertical CONS: ON OFF Point is preset and not customizable.

Construction Material

Third, let’s look at the material used for the parts. We prefer cast iron.
Cast Iron PROS: Heavy; durable; epoxy coated for rust resistance; dissipates heat well; does not easily crack or break; does not warp; is strong. CONS: Bronze is even better than cast iron; however bronze is very expensive.

Pumping Performance

Fourth, even though the above mentioned brand model series are half horse power pumps, they do not all have the same pumping capacity and their motors are not operating at the same capacity percentage.

Warranty And Testing

Fifth, few manufacturers test every pump before it is shipped. Cast iron pumps have a longer warranty period, generally three years.

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Best Backup Sump Pump System

Do you wish you knew what the best backup sump pump system is? Personally we wish the electricity would never fail during a rainstorm and our primary pump would never experience part failure; however, we know that is unrealistic. So how do we find the best backup system?

Power Source

First, let’s consider the power sources available: battery, water power, solar, and gas.

Battery Power

Battery power PROS: They operate automatically when water level reaches height of float; deep cycle marine batteries are very easy to find and buy; they are easy to install; multiple batteries can be paralleled with jump cable to extend run time. Inverters convert battery power to AC power which runs an electrical primary pump. CONS: Run time is limited; during heavy extended rainy periods batteries may be hard to find; new batteries require charging time; when battery depletion will occur is hard to predict.

Water Power

Water Power PROS: Water is generally plentiful; operation happens automatically; mechanical failure is highly unlikely because there are no moving parts; safeguards can be installed to prevent operation in case of failure. CONS: City water is required because it has steady water pressure; personal wells will not work; one gallon of city water is required for every two gallons of basin water removed; the cost of water varies by municipality.

Solar Power

Solar Power: PROS: Solar energy is free and can be stored for later use. CONS: The pumping performance is very limited – not more than one-fourth horse power capability.

Gas Power

Gas Power: PROS: Gasoline and natural gas are very plentiful; cost is not outrageous; natural gas generators begin operation automatically; gas generators can be stored out of the way when not in use; they can power other appliances in the house as well. CONS: Gasoline run generators require human intervention for startup and monitoring; they must run outdoors; natural gas generators require significant space by the house outside and are permanently installed.

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How To Fix Sump Pump Problems

The four most common sump pump problems are: 1) The primary pump cannot keep up with the water coming into the pit; 2) The motor is running but no water is pushed out of the pit. 3) The motor does not run. 4) Water pumped up the discharge pipe keeps returning back into the pit.

Sump pump failure is frustrating, especially because it generally happens during a heavy rainstorm. There are reasons why a sump pump fails and there are solutions.

Read More See How To Fix Sump Pump Problems.

Sump Pump Parts

Did you think the only thing to do is throw the pump away if it stops working? Many sump pump manufacturers make replacement parts which are easy to purchase and install.

Zoeller replacement sump pump parts and Wayne Sump Pump parts are very easy for the non-profession plumber to buy. Next time your sump pump fails keep it. Parts are readily available.

Sump Pump Float Switch Problems

The number one sump pump problem is the float switch. The three most common float switch problems are: 1) Get caught in the basin. Tether float switches get caught most frequently because of their swinging in and out in a narrow space. Vertical floats without a float switch guard can also get caught easily. 2) Get stuck in ON position. This happens frequently to vertical float switches where graphite builds up. 3) Fail to turn on. The switch is broken.

There are two solutions to float switch problems. 1) Buy a same kind replacement float switch or 2) Buy an electronic switch.

We opted for the second solution. We do not like to replace a switch during a heavy rainstorm or risk not being home when it fails; therefore we installed an electronic switch in 2011 and have not replaced it since.

Sump Pump Noisy?

Sump pump noise can be very irritating, especially if it is below or next to a bedroom. Of course eventually we adapt to common house noises; however the noise may not be the sump pump. It may be from the water hitting the check valve gate or flapper when the pump shuts off.

We found a solution for the sump pump check valve noise. We installed a quiet check valve. They work.

Learn More About How To Quiet Check Valve Noise.

How Much Do You Know About Electric Sump Pumps?

– ✓ Not all half power pumps have the same pumping performance?
– ✓ Some primary pumps have two cords: one for the motor and one for the float switch which has a piggyback socket. The float switch plugs into the wall socket and the motor cord plugs into the float piggyback.
– ✓ Not all vertical float switches are the same. Some have better float guard protection; others have a two-pole connection; and others are magnetic.
– ✓ Not all housing bodies have two parts sealed together. Some are UNIBODY.
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Do You Understand Battery Backup Sump Pumps?

– ✓ Not all battery backup chargers have the same ampherage; therefore some recharge a depleted battery faster than others.
– ✓ WiFi enabled alarms are available to notify your IPhone if the backup pump is running.
– ✓ Some come with dual switches for redundancy protection.
– ✓ Some systems allow multiple batteries to be hooked together for extra run time.

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