Why this website?

Are you looking to review and compare Sump Pump features  quickly?  We were frustrated because we could not find summary and detailed sump pump information easily without going to several sites.

Are you wondering if you can buy pumps the professionals install? Until a few years ago we were unaware that a homeowner could purchase professionally recommended sump pumps at reasonable prices.

Are you wondering if there is a better sump pump for your water pumping needs?  We are constantly reviewing what is available on the market because we want the best pump installed for our water needs. We want to share our research with you.

Would you like to replace a failed part rather than buy a new pump? We were happy to learn many manufacturers make replacement parts available and easy to shop for?

How we came into being?

SumpPumps.PumpsSelection.com came into being when we DIY HO (Do-It-Yourself Home Owners) set out to find the best sump pump solution for our pumping needs. Our home is located in a high water table area therefore it runs even when it does not rain. We spent a lot of time thinking through what would be the best flood proof protection for us so we would not have to worry every time it rained or the electricity failed.

We found a solution we believe will protect our basement from getting flooded if our primary sump pump fails, if the electricity is out for several hours or we get a heavy rainstorm and our main pump cannot keep up which happens very frequently these days.

Here is our solution. We installed a sister pit next to the main pit so any overage can flow into the sister pit. Each pit has its own discharge line. Each pit has two sump pumps – a primary and a backup. The primary sump pumps are plugged into a HC6000 electronic switch which eliminates the worry of mechanical pump switch failure. As for the backup pumps, one pit has a battery backup pump and the sister pit has a primary pump plugged into the Sumpro 75, a DC to AC converter. The Sumpro allows us to use a primary pump as a backup. Primary pumps have more pumping capacity.

We decided it was much more cost effective and less worrisome to install a good pump system. We hear our neighbors talk about having a failed sump pump and cleaning up water in their basement. For them it has been a big ordeal because they lost treasures and electrical appliances. Plus the basement had a musty smell afterwards. We never want a flooded basement because it takes time, costs money, causes frustration and precipitates the potential of mold growth.

Why are we sharing?

We have a very busy schedule with never enough time for everything we need and want to do. We began shopping for pumps on the internet and discovered it was difficult to find one site that provided all of the information for which we were searching.

We spent a significant amount of time reviewing pump features, differences between pump types and pump manufacturers. Since we documented our research we decided to share it with you so you might more easily discover which pump is best for your pumping needs.

During our research we also found helpful resources. We believe knowledge reduces stress of the unknown. We are sharing videos, manuals and tips so you can become an educated home owner.

Tools for shopping

Each of you has different needs so there is no cookie cutter answer. All sump pumps are not created equal and not all sump pumps are best for all home owners.

SumpPumps.PumpsSelection.com is designed to make it easy for you to review individual sump pump features, compare features of multiple sump pumps, compare prices and read consumer reviews, shop over 100 sump pumps including replacement parts and accessories. Our selection of pumps includes well known pump manufacturers, many who have been in business since the 1940’s.

What products do we feature?

  1. Sump pumps for those who are looking for a main or primary pump that runs on electricity. The various types include submersible and pedestal. Many switch types are used by the many featured manufacturers such as tether and vertical float switch, diaphragm switch and electronic switch.
  2. Battery backup sump pumps for those who are looking for a backup pump that will run on batteries when their main pump fails whether the cause is mechanical or electrical.
  3. Water powered sump pumps for those who are looking for a backup pump that is powered by water rather than a battery.  This type of pump is featured for those who choose not to rely on batteries, but municipal water to power a backup pump.
  4. Combination sump pumps for those who wish to buy a primary and a battery backup sump pump as a unit. This type of pump is featured for those who want quick installation and assurance that the primary and backup pump will fit in the same sump pit.
  5. Manual (non-automatic) submersible sump pumps for those who wish to convert a manual pump to an automatic pump by using a piggyback plug and the optional switch of choice whether it be a tether, vertical, diaphragm or electronic switch.
  6. Inverters and natural gas generators for those who wish to have DC or natural gas power converted to electrical current so they can continue to use their electrical pump when the electricity fails.
  7. Check valves for those who wish to prevent water back flow during the operation of a sump pump or are also looking for a quieter one.
  8. Replacement sump pump parts for those who own a sump pump that can be repaired with replacement floats, switches, float rods, power cords and more. Switches are the first thing that fails and we have them for most brands.
  9. Water alarms for those who wish notification when their sump pump has failed and the sump pit water has risen to a predetermined undesirable level.
  10. Sump basins and covers for those who are installing new pits or may need to replace an existing cover.
  11. Flexible discharge hoses are featured for those who need a temporary discharge line to remove unwanted water.
  12. Sewage, ejector, and effluent pumps for those who cannot rely on a city sewage system or have a basement toilet.
  13. Utility pumps for those wishing to monitor the pump while removing water from the basement floor or some other location.

Enjoy our site

We believe buying pumps online is a great way to shop. Quickly finding review and comparison information helps you to make better choices. It also saves time and money and plus you have more buying options.

We hope our selection of pumps and especially sump pumps helps you find the best pumping solutions and also inspires you to try some new products.