1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump

1-3 HP Primary Sump Pump Model

1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pumps Built To Handle Average Rain Storm

The 1/3 horse power pump can handle an occasional heavy rainstorm; however it is not built to handle continuous, frequent heavy rains. An The Zoeller M53, M57, M63 are an exception however because their pumping performance is almost as great as a half horse power pump.

What Is The Pumping Performance Of A 1/3 HP Sump Pump?

A 1/3 HP sump pump can pump from 1,300 to 2640 gallons per hour at a ten foot vertical lift. The volume of water pumped is based on the power of the pump motor. Many manufacturers, including Wayne, Zoeller and Little Giant have built multiple 1/3 HP models with varying motor pumping capability.

What Is The Best Sump Pump Housing Material For 1/3 Horse Power?

The best sump pump housing material for a 1/3 HP sump pump is cast iron.

However, if the sump pump will not be used for pumping heavy rain storms frequently, a thermoplastic housed pump will do the job. An over-worked 1/3 HP thermoplastic horse sump pump will overheat quicker, trip the over load protection switch and the pump will cease to pump until the motor cools.

Thermoplastic housed sump pumps are more prone to warp and crack under heavy, continuous pumping. They are built to be discarded when they fail.

Two other materials also used for one-third horse power sump 0umps are aluminum and zinc. They are less prone to warping and cracking than thermoplastic, but they are not as good as cast iron.

Cast iron housed sump pumps dissipate heat much better and are better suited for heavy, continuous pumping. Cast iron will not crack or warp under heavy usage.

Who Manufacturers 1/3 HP Sump Pumps?

Many sump pump manufacturers make either 1/4 HP and 1/2 HP sump pumps or 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP sump pumps. This is because there isn’t as much pumping capability difference between 1/4 HP and 1/3 HP sump pumps.

The most popular manufacturers who make 1/3 HP sump pumps include: Zoeller, Wayne, Basement Watchdog (Glentronics), Superior, Simer, Ridgid, Myers, Little Giant, Liberty, Flotec, Flint/Walling/Star and Red Lion.

Why Install A 1/3 HP Pump?

The three most popular reasons for installing a one-third horse power sump pump are: cost, space, and the motor won’t short cycle.

✓ If you do not get heavy rains often, this pump size will work great. The next time is rains measure how much water is pumped from the basin in 60 seconds. If the volume is less than 30 gallons, the size will work. In an eighteen-inch diameter basin, one inch or water rise equals one gallon.
✓ Many home owners believe a bigger horse power pump is better, but a pump can be too big and run too often for short periods of time and short cycle the motor. Motor short cycling causes a motor to prematurely burn out. So bigger is not always better.
✓ The cost is right, especially with thermoplastic housing. They are built to be discarded after failure.
✓ The dimensions are smaller.

What Type Of Float Switch Is Used?

The two most common types of float switches used are the Tether and the Vertical float switch. Both do the job, but a vertical float switch is more reliable and will not get caught on the side or in the basin as easily because it has a protective top guard.

The Tether float hangs at the side of the pump when the water level is low. As the water rises it rises and swings out and up. This movement causes the electrical circuit to close and the pump motor to operate.

The Vertical float switches work the same. As the water rises the float slides up the pole. At a predefined height it closes the electrical circuit and the pump has electricity to run. When the water recedes in the basin the float lowers and the circuit is open and the motor stops.

Little Giant also uses one different type of float switch know as the diaphragm. Rather than move up and down like the vertical float or up and out and in like the tether float, the diaphragm, which is made of rubber concaves and convexes as the water level in the pit changes. The diaphragm is used in place of the float. Its concaving and convexing is what closes and opens the electrical circuit for the switch to turn the pump motor on.

The most reliable vertical float switches have a solid polypropylene float tjat can’t be punctured, two poles to hold the top and bottom in place, and the switch is either magnetic, reed or electro mechanical.

What Kind Of Solids Handling Is Available?

There are two approaches to handling pit solids: do nothing or handle some.

Those brands that do not handle solids include Wayne, Basement Watchdog, Flotec and Simer are not designed to handle small solids. Wayne uses top suction so there is not screen to clean. The other three use button suction and have a screen to clean.

The following brands use a vortex impeller which is designed to handle small spherical solids such as pea gravel. These brands include Zoeller, Liberty, most Superior Pumps and Red Lion.

Best Rated Best Sellers One Third HP Pumps

Buying a best rated best seller primary sump pump is smart. The higher the rating, the greater the chances of owning a good sump pump are much higher.

Here are the most popular ones.


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