Best Sump Pump Brands

Sump Pump Brands

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Each brand has common features and unique features. Learn what the unique features are for the best sump pump brands

The Best Sump Pump Brands

Zoeller is recommended consistently by plumbers and consumers. The housing is heavy and built to last. The motor uses only 80% of its capacity; this results in efficiency and longevity. Each pump is tested before leaving the USA factory.  A five year warranty is offered for the models M63 and M95. Its battery backup system model 508-0005 is WiFi ready.

Wayne Pumps is known for building new models which replace older ones.  Their models provide something for everyone when it comes to horse power, float switch type and pump housing. Their combination primary with backup pump model WSS30V has become very popular.

Superior Pumps are made with removable float switches so they can also be used as utility pumps.

Sumpro is known for its power supply converter (DC to AC) which runs AC pumps when power outages occur.

Ridgid Sump Pumps are manufactured by Wayne Pumps and a store brand for Home Depot.

Red Lion is manufactured in Canada. Their pumps are Red. Their new battery backup model RL-SPBS has the RS-12 switch which has no moving external parts.

Myers pumps have an anti-lock hole in the volute base and are known for easy serviceability.

Little Giant is known for using the diaphragm switch rather than a float switch.

Liberty Pumps is known for its one piece unit eliminating the motor seal ring. Their pumps also have a quick disconnect power cord. Their latest innovation is the battery backup sump pump model 442 which is WiFi enabled. Their Water Powered SJ10 has also become very popular because of increase flooding events and need for long pumping time.

Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) is known for its external dual float switch cage which provides redundancy for float switch failure and makes replacing the switch cage easy. Glentronics has been known for its Basenent Watchdog Battery Backup Systems, The Emergency, The Special and The Big Dog. Recently they have expanded their product line through the name of Glentronics PRO Series.

Flotec and Simer were known for offering Lifetime Warranties on their 3/4 HP submersible sump pumps with pump housing made from stainless steel. The lifetime warranty is no longer available. Flotec’s newest sump pump models have zinc housing.

Flint and Walling is now owned by Zoeller. Their pumps are shaped with a fin type body housing to increase efficiency and sold through Zoeller.

Dayton Pumps headquarters are in Dayton, Ohio. No special features have been identified.

Bur-Cam, a Canadian Pump Manufacturer, is known for its water cooled motors and the twin cast iron sump pump systems.

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