Cast Iron Sump Pumps

Cast Iron Housed Primary Sump Pump Models 8x2_mini

Cast Iron Sump Pumps Are Recommended.

Why Are Cast Iron Sump Pumps Recommended?

Cast iron sump pump are a great choice. Here are the reasons for considering cast iron housing.

✓ Cast iron is strong and is not likely to crack or break, especially if it is class 25-30 with 25000# tensile strength.
✓ Cast iron, though submersed in water, is epoxy coated to retard corrosion.
✓ Cast iron is heavy; therefore the sump pump will not move in the sump pit as easily during heavy duty pumping.
✓ Cast iron dissipates heat readily. Heat dissipation capability is important for those submersible sump pumps that pump continuously for long periods of time. A sump pump motor that gets too hot will be shut off because of thermal protection against overheating.
✓ Cast iron will not wrap thus ensuring all moving parts will remain in alignment and function as intended.


What Characteristics Make Cast Iron Housing A Good Choice For Half HP And Greater Sump Pumps?

✓ Strength makes it strong enough to withstand heavy duty pumping
✓ Heat Dissipation keeps it from overheating during continuous pumping.
✓ Weight keeps the sump pump stable in the basin. some pumps weigh thirty-nine pounds.
✓ Durability encourages failed part replacement.
✓ Cost higher than thermoplastic is acceptable because heavy duty pumping needs justify more cost.


What Sump Pumps Have Cast Iron Housing?

Zoeller, Liberty Pumps, Wayne, Little Giant, Red Lion, Flotec, Glentronics, Superior Pumps, Simer, Myer and other manufacturers use cast-iron housing.


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