Half Horse Power Pump

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One Half Horse Power Pump

Discover if half horse power pump is best sump pump for your pumping needs? Learn about performance, run time, construction. Shop best half horse power pumps.

Pumping Performance

Pumping performance is defined as the amount of water that can be pumped during a specific time period at a specific height.  Manufacturing companies provide pump performance curves defining how many gallons their model can pump per minute or hour at zero height, five vertical feet, ten vertical feet and twenty vertical feet. The pumping performance of a half horse power pump ranges from 47 gallons per minute (GPM) to 79 gallons per minute (GPM) or 2,820 GPH to 4,740 GPH at a 10 foot vertical lift.

Pumping Frequency

The pumping frequency of a half horse power sump pump obviously depends upon the volume of water entering the pit and at what speed, the size of the pit and the float switch style.

Obviously the greater the water volume entering the pit, the more frequently the motor will run. The larger the pipe leading into the pit the faster the water will enter the basin causing the motor to run more frequently.

The larger the pit, the less frequently the motor will run. The pump will run twice as much in an eighteen inch diameter pit than a twenty four inch diameter basin. One inch in an eighteen inch-sized pit equals one gallon of water. One inch in a twenty-four inch-sized basin equals two gallons of water.

The float switch type impacts the run time frequency.  Obviously the distance between the float ON and OFF point determines how often the motor runs. Tether floats tether can be adjusted a few inches. The vertical float when part of the pump cannot be customized. The diaphragm switch cannot be customized. Sump pumps using switches not attached to the pump can be adjusted. The greatest range of customization occurs with those switches consisting of two sensors or floats. The most recent innovation is the Electronic Switch Controller.

Here are the most popular Electronic Switch Controllers.

Construction Material

A continuous running sump pump gets hot. The cool sump pit water acts as a cooling agent; however, a sump pump made from cast iron dissipates heat best. Thermoplastic is most impacted by heat generated during continuous running.

Body Seal

Half horse power pumps a very capable of running continuously. The best type of seal for continuous pump shaft seal is a carbon ceramic seal. A plastic seal can warp over time. The most popular brands use such a seal: Zoeller, Wayne, Flotec, Little Giant, Superior Pump and Glentronics.

Pump Stability

Pump stability in the basin coincides with the weight of the pump. The Zoeller, Little Giant, and Glentronics pumps are heaviest. The Zoeller M95 is 38-pounds; the Little Giant 511330 and Glentronics S5050 are 37-pounds, Zoeller M98 is 35-pounds. Superior Pumps 92507 weighs 26-pounds, Red Lion RL-SC50V weighs 20-pounds, Liberty Pumps 287 weighs 19-pounds, Wayne CDU800 is 18-pounds, and Flotec FPCI5050 weighs 15-pounds.

Which Half Horse Power Pump Is Best For Your Pumping Needs?

Answering the following questions will help you to decide which is best.

✓ How much water comes into the sump pit per minute during a heavy rain storm? Can your current pump can keep up?
✓ How many times does the pump runs continuously and for how long?
If your current sump pump frequently runs continuously for over 15 minutes, make sure the housing is cast iron because it dissipates heat best.
✓ Does the motor go on and off frequently?
This causes short cycling and wears the motor out faster. Buying a non automatic pumps and an electronic switch will allow you to place more distance between the ON and Off point.
✓ Does the pump move around in the basin during heavy pumping?
A heavier pump as shown below is the better solution.


Buying a cast iron primary sump pump is smart. The heavier the pump the more stable it is in the basin during heavy rain storms.

Here are the most popular Cast Iron one half horse power pumps.


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