Liberty Sump Pumps

Liberty Primary Sump Pump Models 8x2

Liberty Sump Pumps Models Offer Many Specification Options.

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What Unique Features Exist?

Each Liberty sump pump has a quick disconnect power cord. A manufacturer designed detachable power cord means there is no potential for the motor seals to be broken during cord removal. This feature makes it extremely quick and easy to replace the motor power cord. In addition, the standard power cord length is ten feet. All model series also have a purchase optional power cord length of twenty-five feet.

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What Float Options Are Available?

Each Liberty pump series has four float options. The float options include: no float and therefore a manual pump, a tether float, a piggyback tether float switch allowing manual operation or automatic operation, or a vertical magnetic float. The vertical magnetic float switch works differently in that a magnet is used to close the circuit and activate the switch which turns the pump on. The mechanical float switches depend upon a small ball to rock back and forth. When the ball is in one direction as the float rises because the water in the sump pit is rising, it closes the contact which activates the switch and turns the pump on; when the ball rock in the other direction as the float lowers because the water in the sump pit lowers, the circuit is open and the pump turns off.

Which Liberty Sump Pumps Are Made From Aluminum?

Uniquely the Liberty Pump 230 and 450 Series are made from aluminum. The manufacturer claims the deep finned aluminum body cools the motor better than cast iron; therefore the life of the motor is extended. The Liberty Pump series 240, 250, 280 and 290 bodies are made from cast iron.

Are Liberty Sump Pumps Made In The USA?

Proud to be made in America. Liberty sump pumps are manufactured in the USA. Their plant is located in Bergen, New York.

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What Is The Motor Shaft Made From?

All pumps have a stainless steel rotor shaft. Many pump manufacturers use engineered plastic. Stainless steel is much stronger and therefore more durable.

What Does It Mean That Liberty Sump Pumps Are UNIBODY?

Unlike other sump pumps the Liberty Pump Series 240, 250, 280 and 290 are UNIBODY. This means the body is one-piece cast iron which eliminates the motor seal ring. This eliminates the potential for a motor seal ring break and leak.

Pump water to within 1/8 inch of the sump basin bottom with the 230 and 450 Series. Pumping water to such a low level is possible because the base is removable. Note the stainless steel bolts that can be loosed to release the base from the body.

What Kind Of Impeller Design Is Used?

Clog resistant designed impeller is used in the Liberty Pump Series 230, 250, 280, 450. The 240 Series has a modification of the vortex impeller using an eight-vane impeller and the 290 series using a semi open impeller.

What About Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficient describes each of the Liberty Pump series; energy efficiency ranges from 5.2 running amps for the 230 and 250 Series; 6 run amps for the 240 Series; 7.5 run amps for the 450 Series; 8.5 run amps for the 280 Series and 10 run amps for the 290 Series.

What Other Features Exist?

Liberty Pumps provides a variety of horse powered sump pumps. The HP ranges from 1/4 for the 240 Series, 1/3 HP for the 230 and 250 Series, 1/2 HP for the 450 Series and 3/4 HP for the 290 Series.

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The Liberty Sump Pumps can be used in small and larger sump pits. The pumps with the magnetic float can be installed in a ten inch diameter pit; while the tether float pumps require a fourteen inch diameter pit.

Do Liberty Sump Pumps Come With An Anti-lock Hole?

Each sump pump comes with a built-in air lock hole. This prevents the potential problem of putting in the hole for those DIY (Do It Yourself) homeowners who question the need for such a hole or those who forget to drill one in the discharge pipe.

Can Liberty Sump Pumps Handle Solids?

All of the Liberty Sump Pump Series can handle solids. The 240 Series can handle 1/4 inch spherical solids; the 230 and 450 Series can handle 3/8 inch solids; the 250 Series can handle 1/2 inch solids; the 280 and 290 Series can handle 3/4 inch solids.

The Liberty 280 Series are built to handle high head height. This Series will pump up to a lift/total head height of thirty-seven feet.

The GPH capability varies at a 10 foot lift height. The 240 Series can pump 18 GPM or 1,080 GPH; the 250 Series can pump 21 GPM or 1,260 GPH; the 450 Series can pump 22 GPM or 1,320 GPH; the 230 Series can pump 30 GPM or 1,800 GPH; the 280 Series can pump 34 GPM or 2,040 GPH and the 290 Series can pump 38 GPM or 2,280 GPH.

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