Sump Pump Maintenance Schedule

Learn How To Perform Sump Pump Maintenance According To A Schedule

Following a schedule will help you remember to do sump pump maintenance.

What Requires Maintenance?

Maintenance Is Easy. Here Is What To Check

✓ Bottom of the basin for debris and small pebbles.
✓ Incoming drainage pipe for sludge. Remove it because it will eventually end up in the basin and may cause pump failure.
✓ Weep hole. It is the little hole in the PVC pipe near the sump pump port. Check for clogging and clean as necessary.
✓ Check valve. Is it free of stones and debris which can lodge and caure failure.
✓ Float switch. When was it last replaced? They last somewhere between three to five years. Eventually they fail so have a replacement switch on hand.
✓ PVC Piping. Check for leaks. Reprime and clear glue as necessary.
✓ >Unusual Sounds. Listen for unusual sounds at pump shut off. Gurgling sounds may indicate a worn gasket which needs replacement.

Learn How to Proactively Maintain A Sump Pump

Watch How Others Perform Sump Pump Maintenance. Seeing how it is done makes doing it the first time easier.

Shop Replacement Parts. They Are Available.

If a part needs replacement, manufacturers make parts easy to buy and install.

Check out these replacement parts. You will find many more than you expected. Have an extra part on hand for an emergency.

Check how to install a Zoeller replacement switch. They are available and easy to install.


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